I bought a pair of new earrings at Accessorize in London. I bought some other stuff aswell ("And I'm a weapon of massive consumption, and it's not my fault, it's how I'm product to function"), which I might show you. London was great, warm (now I'm back to winter boots again, I hate it), and fun. We lived twenty metres from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel and some other great stores, close to Covent Garden...I already want to go back. I'll update with more pictures.



Skirt, worn as a dress, sewn myself, t-shirt (arms cut off), somewhere in New York, socks, BikBok.
I'm totally excited right now. One week off from school, which I'll spend in London. See ya afterwards (I guess).


Shit, it's over...

I've been following Skins manically in between studying and illness. I love this serie, and all the characters in it (especially tony and cassie). Just wanted to tell you. /Isabella


A todayer.

Mirror, mirror... Sweater and dress, American Apparel. Belt, dads. Pantyhoses, mums.


Lime green.


Tuesday the thirteenth.

Left: Panty-hoses, mums and skirt, Mango. Right: Dress, Elin's, purple sweater, Johanna's, shirt, blue top and red skirt, Anna's and grey top, Linnea's. These were some of the clothes I ended up with when we swapped clothes.


Something borrowed something new.

Shirt and striped top, Annas.

Jeans, my own, Cheap Monday.

Okay, so we held a little swapping party yesterday. I ended up with a dress, a skirt, a cardigan, a sweater, the shirt and the top on the picture above, another blue top, a gray top and maybe something more...I think I gave away more than I got though, but whatever. I'm satisfied.